Why political parties need to be critical of themselves

This is a message to both Democrats and Republicans. Both parties share in these faults but generally can only see the faults from the other side. Both sides need to realize that there views are being shaped by extremists. A rational person will understand that nothing is as black and white as the parties want you to believe. Here I will outline what some of the ways political parties control you and give solutions to combating their propaganda.

1. Politicians are not people 

We have to remember that a politicians job in today’s society is not to have opinions of their own but options which are popular to their political ideology. However, we can not blame the politicians for this mentality. We are the ones who elect these people to be representatives for us. The most popular politicians are therefore the representatives who embody the most popular viewpoints of a group. When a politician votes he votes in order to please as many of his constituents as possible so to increase his chances of being re-elected. The politicians who fails to deliver their constituents wishes and instead follows his own moral code will be removed from the political system by the people. In this way politicians are only as human to us as a vote on paper is. We must stop viewing our politicians as individuals and instead see them as ideas. Whichever politician embodies your views the best should get your vote. Do not let your personal options of the man or women obscure your judgment. Both parties deploy smear campaigns so to avoid their influences we must be ever vigilant of these distractions.

2. We need to start being accepting of others options

Both sides like to think the other side is stupid or ignorant but maybe both sides could learn a thing or two from each other. Maybe misinformation in both political parties divides us so far away from one another that we can no longer consider the other side on any topic.

3. We need to be OK with being wrong sometimes 

You see this most strikingly in debates. Politicians refuse to admit they are wrong until all the evidence is stacked agent them and still some refuse to admit their mistakes. We must reward honesty to avoid creating the robotic Politicians of today.

4. Ideas can be a form of control 

Both parties spread propaganda in order for you to continue to believe in their ideology. This is not a one party problem. Both groups have some startling misconceptions that propagate throughout the party because it helps solidify their views.

5. Free thinking is obscured by political party mindsets

The us vs them mentality has been around since the dawn of man and it is one of our most important flaws to be aware of. This mentality only leads to war and death. The us vs them mentality is fueled by hate. Make sure your options are really based in reality and fact and not by blind rage. This brings me to my next point.

6. Hate can be a form of control 

When we are angry our reason dissipates. We again become sheep for the shepherd. We must be able to recognize when we are being driven by hate and remember to be always critical of both sides of any story. Political parties isolate us from that other side.

7. T.V media is not helping 

Whether you like it or not T.V can be a form of brain control. Many people like to turn off their brain and just watch some T.V. While this type of mentality is normal it does not mean it is good for us. In these states we become susceptible to outside influences. Without critical thinking we are only sheep and the shepherds do not always have our best interests at heart. Always be critical of any information and try not to connect your identity to any one mindset.

The solution: Start listening to the other side with an open mind 

Both sides love to find the stupid people on the opposing side and make them out to be the leader of the group. Yes both sides have useless individuals but both sides also have really informative people too. Unfortunately on both sides it seems that the stupid ones are always the loudest. With an open mind start watching videos that you would have never clicked on before. Start questioning everything. There is no right or wrong, good or evil. There is only truth and lies. Which one are you listening too?

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Mistakes people make in life

Sunset 35When you talk to someone who is on their last breath you would be surprised what they say is important. Here are just some mistakes that people tend to make. Enjoy!


1. Work hard at something they hate doing 

This is externally common in our society. We work hard for a paycheck so that we can go out and buy things we don’t need and can’t afford. If your working for a paycheck you should use that money to pursue something your really interested in. This means trying a lot of different things and failing at most of them and that’s ok. It is all part of the process. Being comfortable is nice but the feeling of comfort is nothing compared to the  feeling of fulfillment.

2. Blaming others

If we constantly blame we never stop and think about how we were at fault. This lack of reflection means lack of change resulting in the repetition of the same mistakes over and over. Blaming others feel’s nice but it hinders us from becoming better versions of ourselves.

3. Letting fear drive their life

Take risks. Who cares if you fail, what is the worst that can happen? I know change can be frightening but remember that he lack of decision making is still a choice (granted a bad choice). Don’t let other people or outside events solely dictate how your life ends up. Take charge of your life and make the scary move.

4. Thinking money will solve your problems

Food, drinks, and friends. These are the things everyone needs. The first two are cheep and the last is free. Spend your money on your dreams not a nice new car or house. As we accumulate wealth we also tend to spend more. What is the point of getting wealthy if all you get out of it are a couple trinkets you can show off at your funeral?

5. Thinking that they can never change

Change is hard and over time people tend to define what the can and can not do without any rational reasoning. If you haven’t tried something how do you know your not good at it? Change is when motivation and willpower trump stagnation. No one likes swimming agents the current but if what awaits us is a waterfall I bet ever last one of us would swim are ass off.

6. Thinking they can change others

The only person you can change is yourself. Don’t try to change people it does not help them and it wont help you. People who don’t want to change will only plant there feet further into the ground when someone tries to move them. Accept people for who they are which means accepting both there strengths and there weaknesses.

7. Spending too much time online and not enough time with the people they love 

Do you really remember the 5th YouTube clip you watched? Most likely not. Do you remember the first time you said I love you to someone? Probably yes. Engage with people not technology.

8. Holding grudges 

This means letting go of the past mistakes from others. Why hold onto hatred? It will only destroy your relationships and cause you pain. Many people still hate a family member long after they have passed. Yes that person might have been the worst human being on the planet but that does not mean you have to carry hate around everywhere you go. Learn to let go.

9. Giving up on their dreams

Don’t give up on what you want in life. You can’t have everything but find the one or two things that really matter in your life and fight for them.

10. Getting married too soon 

People change and they don’t always change in the same way. My 18-year-old self is vastly different then my self today yet people are getting married in the teens. If you don’t know yourself you should not commit yourself to someone else.

11. Neglecting their health 

Just 20 minutes a day of exercise can have a huge in pact on you overall health. Don’t workout because you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Do it because you know that is the right thing to do for your body.

12. Looking for happiness from others instead of from within

Mentors can be critical but there come’s a time in every persons life where they have to start thinking for themselves and making decisions for themselves. Same thing goes for emotions. When we are little we are influenced greatly by what and who is around us. We cried when are mother wasn’t there and we laughed when we saw our dad make a funny face but we never were happy because we choose to be. When we get older some of us never grow out of that. We buy expensive cars because it makes us happy (for a time). We buy a big house because flaunting our wealth to others makes us happy (for a time). It is a forgotten art to be happy merely by reflecting on what we are thankful for (instead of thinking about all of the things that we don’t have).

13. Not seeking help when it is needed 

No one is perfect. Everyone needs a little help and it is the wise person who knows when that time is. Struggling to figure something out on your own is valuable but only up to a point. When you start thinking about slamming your head against the wall it might be time to ask someone for help.

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How to get ahead in life

Sunset 38Is there something you want to accomplish? Do you not want to get left behind in life? Well there are many things to do to get ahead in life but here I’ll limit myself to 10. Enjoy!



1. Get lucky

Yep, sometimes your dealt a bad hand in life. This world isn’t fair. That being said, if your reading this chances are your one of the lucky ones even though you may not believe it. We always judge how good our outcome is from those in our near vicinity. This is why being rich doesn’t equate to happiness because the more money you get the more your expectations for yourself grow. According to google 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to support themselves. Remember those people next time you start feeling sorry for yourself.

2. Never feel sorry for yourself

The moment we start feeling sorry for ourselves is the moment we start making excuses. Horrible circumstances could and probably have happened to you but you can’t do anything about the past. All you can do is learn from it and move on. Don’t let your daemon’s drag you down. Push those negative thoughts away and try to be thankful for the things you do have. Use your daemon’s push you forward. Look at all you accomplished already even with those horrible memories. It’s like seeing someone win a race with there leg’s bound; freaking inspiring!

3. Seek out mentors

Mentors are everywhere and there are good ones and bad ones. As a rule of thumb never have a mentor who is only known for being famous and not really known for any spectacular contribution to the world. In fact, it might be better for you if they weren’t famous. My biggest mentors are my family and specifically my sister. Another mentor is my teacher Dr. Wacks who showed me what it means to be a chemist. If you see someone who really knows what’s going on learn from them.

4. Try new things 

An adventurous attitude will get you far in life. However, in order to maintain that attitude you need to develop a thick skin for failure. Failure is the cornerstone of learning but many people give up their adventurous attitude for security.

5. Work smart and hard

Taken from Mike Rowe, this idea is a great one. Think before you act but once you make a decision go for it with all you have. The easiest way to work hard is to work on what you love. Don’t be afraid to switch whatever you’re doing in the pursuit of your dream.

6. Find out what getting ahead in life means to you

You can have an amazing carrier that you love or a carrier that makes a lot of money. You could be a say at home dad or mom with a loving family whom you love taking care of. You could see the world by taking part-time jobs wherever you go. All of these things are options and all of these things represent getting ahead to someone. You just need to figure out if any of these options applies to you.

7. Surround yourself with like-minded people 

Everything seems more impossible alone. When you have a group of people with the same goals as your own amazing things can happen. Find these people and hold on.

8. Read 

Whatever you decide to do in life knowledge is key to figuring it out. Read as much as you can so that one day you can apply what you learned to something you love.

9. Have someone you love 

Life is just more fun when you have someone to share it with; especially if that someone is dear to your heart. Additionally, that person can be a motivation for you do your best.

10. Fail as much as possible 

As mentioned before failure is process and success is the outcome. Keep failing and getting back up. That being said, if you’re trying to do something which you have no passion for it will be very difficult to compete with those who have that passion. Don’t go banging your head against the door if it’s the wrong door for you. There is a big difference between failure because lack of passion and failure because of lack of experience and I admit when you’re in the moment it can be difficult to determine one from the other. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and really reflect.

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10 Things You Should Invest Money In.

Sunset 44There are a lot of things you can spend your hard earned money on but some things are better investments then others. Here are 1o things you should spend your money on.



1. A good bed

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so you might as well be comfortable. A good night sleep will also help you stay alert and active during the day. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a nice bed that will last you 10+ years.

2. Comfortable shoes

If you stopped growing by now shoes can last you years. This is epically important if your job requires you to be on your feet all day or you’re a very active person.

3. Comfortable chair

More specifically a chair which is good for our back. A large amount of us in the United States have desk jobs that require extensive sitting for multiple hours. Having a good chair could be the difference between crippling old age and a happy retirement.

4. Health insurance and life insurance

When you need it you will wish you had it believe me. Everyone gets sick and everyone eventually dies so please do yourself and your love ones a favor and get health insurance.

5. Education

Now you don’t have to go to some expensive private school to get a good education. What you need are good mentors. This can be found at community colleges, your family, or your local hardware guys depending on what you want to do with your life.

6. Pots and Pans

Cooking at home can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every year so spend a little bit on the essentials and get to cooking. It’s a very attractive skill to have too!

7. A nice suit

This one really depends on what kind of field you are going into but most job interviews go smother if you’re dressed for the part and having a nice suit is unfortunately part of that. I personally don’t like this system. I don’t like the idea that people are judging others by how they look instead of who they are (which is why I am such a big fan of the working interview). However, regardless of my opinion having a nice suit does help.

8. Toilet Paper

There isn’t much of a difference in cost between the bad stuff and the good stuff but your ass sure knows the difference. We do it enough that it is definitely worth the extra few cents.

9. Laptop

It’s really hard to do anything in today’s society without a laptop. Laptops are especially useful when working on your education. The internet opens up your mind to the options of the masses and breaks that bubble of comfort you have felt your whole life.

10. Diversified Stocks/ Money manager

If you have any left over money make sure to invest as early as possible. I suggest doing your research and looking for a money manager. There are many out there and some even work for free until you acquire enough wealth. Normally they take a percentage of what you make in investment earnings but believe me it is worth the headache of trying to do it all yourself. Just make sure you find one you know you can trust.

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What I have Learned from Journey (the video game)

Sunset 45Before you read this I highly recommend you play Journey first. The message of Journey is best portrayed when you play it with no context. With that being said here are 7 things I leaned from playing Journey, Major Spoilers Ahead!


1.We must remember to take it slow and enjoy the beauty around us.

The artwork in Journey is amazing! I found myself wandering across the desert plains in the start of the game just taking in the beauty of it all. I think this habit would be very beneficial in our own lives. I have lived in sunny California almost my whole life so seeing sun was never a big deal. That is until I had a job where I worked from sun up to sun down. For 5 days a week for about 6 months I never saw the sun. So when the weekend rolled around all I wanted to do is to feel the sunshine on my back. During this time I found a deep appreciation for something that has always been there but I just didn’t appreciate as much as a should have. I learned a valuable lesson from Journey and from that job. Remember to slow down every once in a while and take in the beauty all around us.

2. You’ve got a friend in me.

During Journey you get pared up with someone else playing online. This person is a random person who you do not know the name or identity of and can only communicate with them though Morse code like language yet I felt a stronger and stronger connection to this stranger the longer I played with them. If two strangers can find this strong of a connection online why can’t we do this in real life? In Journey there is no outward deference in appearance between you and your partner’s character which forces you to judge them based off of their actions instead of preconceived subconscious stereotypes. Because of Journey I learned not to judge people too quickly by their outward appearance and to try to get to know others with an open mind. I also learned that we can find friends in just about everyone so we shouldn’t be afraid of putting ourselves out there.

3. Everything is more fun with a friend 

Having a partner in Journey not only made it easier but also made it much more enjoyable. Even though we had limited communication with enough time we could figure out what the other was trying to say. Even the more daunting tasks in Journey were enjoyable so long as I had my new best friend by my side.

4. Good music makes everything better 

The music in Journey is amazing! The music never tries to out due the visuals but instead works with the rest of the game for an amazing enhancement. Music can have this effect on our lives as well. Whether it’s trying to get over a break up or using music to find a connection with someone. Whether it’s running or just relaxing at home. Music is a powerful thing.

5. Life is short so be thankful for what you have. 

Journey is only about 2 hours long and when it’s done you’ll find yourself reflecting on some of the amazing moments you had in that brief 2 hours. I was thankful for those moments but I think I was most thankful after the fact. I think if we can instead become thankful for what we have in the present moment instead of being thankful for the things in our past we would live happier and healthier lives.

6. Life will knock you down but you just got to get back up.

There is one moment in journey were the wind was blowing so hard and so strong that all I wanted to do is give up. But I kept going because I didn’t want to let my new partner down. Sometimes the best motivation comes from the people you care the most about and in that moment the person I cared about was my new stranger friend.

7. Life is the journey not the destination

Major Spoilers!!

Journey is meant to be a symbol for life. It is meant to teach us that the end isn’t the exciting part. In fact the exiting parts are a lot of the times the parts we hated. Enjoy the good times and be thankful for the bad times because without the bad there is no good.

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What Skateboarding Taught Me About Life

Sunset 6Ever since I was a little kid I have always wanted to skateboard but for the longest time was too afraid to try. When I graduated high school I made it my mission that summer to learn how to ride before college. I have been skateboarding for almost 6 years now and it has thought me a lot about life. Here are some of the life lessons I learned, Enjoy.

1. Never forget to enjoy the ride

My favorite moments skating are when I have no destination in mind. When I get to stake down a new street for no reason at all except that it looked like a fun ride. Don’t forget to enjoy the present moment and remember that cruising can be just as fun as going fast.

2. When you fall you gotta pick yourself up.

You going to make mistakes, take the wrong turn, and fall flat on your face. That is not only ok, it’s what makes life so amazing. We can only really appreciate success when we have felt true failure.

3. Greatness takes time and dedication

Feeling shame in our failures is not the right response. Everyone fails. We need to learn to embrace and learn from our failures. It is only by learning from our failure that we may improve and one day become great.

4. We appreciate the things we once thought impossible which are now our reality.

I always envied skateboarders. I thought it amazing how they can zip around like that but a voice in the back of my head told me I could never be like them. That is until one day when I decided to give it a shot. I have been skating for over 5 years now.

I’m not going to tell you that everything is possible. What I am going to tell you is that we drastically underestimate ourselves on a daily basis. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish once you accept failure as a process. You will be very bad the first time you try something new and that’s ok. Perfection is an illusion. Even if perfection was real it would be very boring.

5. Obstacles will be in your way and we must treat each obstacle differently.

Skating in the busy streets of LA there are many obstacles. Some obstacles, like bumps in the road, are best overcome by charging straight through. Any hesitation or reduction in speed will cause your face to meet pavement. Other obstacles, like pedestrians, are best handled by going around. The trick to life is figuring out the difference. Don’t worry too much though because no matter what you do you’ll learn something from the experience.

6. Having a friend is so much more enjoyable.

Don’t strive to be popular. People who want to be popular and become popular might look cool on the surface but inside those kinds of people are just children crying out for attention. Instead, find a small group of people you can rely on.

7. Embrace your fear.

You’re more likely to fall on a skateboard if you’re nervous. Speed wobbles happen when you’re going really fast and the only way from not crashing is to stay calm and don’t overcompensate on your turning. Too much fear can be crippling but fear does not have to be your enemy. Downhill skating (along with roller coasters) is so enjoyable because of fear. Additionally, fear when controlled can motivate and steer your decisions in the right direction.

8. Uphill battles make you stronger.

The windy hills in LA make it hard to get around sometimes but it is because of those hills that I have the leg strength to go so much faster on flat ground. Difficulties in life are not for nothing. If you let it, difficult times can be a catalyst to positive change. After all, it is how we respond during the difficult times that make us who we are. Giving when you have nothing is the most difficult time to give but it can also be the most rewarding.

9. Learn from others, the good and the bad

There is a difference between riding with confidence and being an asshole. Skateboarding has a bad reputation because of the few assholes who ruin it for the rest of us. I learned from others how to be respectful when I ride.

10. Don’t let things which our out of your control affect your mood.

When I started skating I hated the rain because I was afraid it would hurt my board. After a while though I stopped caring so much and now I love skating in the rain. I love the smell and sound of rain. I love the way the rain stings my face when I am going fast. Don’t let the weather affect your mood. Instead of thinking of yourself like a leaf (being blown away by the slightest breeze) think of yourself as a tree whose deep roots and flexible branches help it to survive the wind and the rain.

11. Use protection

Helmets are uncool? You know what’s really uncool? Worrying about what other people think of you. Be smart wear a helmet.

I must have at least one sexual reference in here somewhere. I am not saying kids are bad, kids are wonderful! I want to have some kids of my own someday. However, I want to have kids when I am ready, on my own terms, and with the right person. In order to do that I really only have two options. I can either be abstinent for the rest of my life or I can learn the importance of a condom. Very hard choice I know.

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