Propaganda vs. net neutrality: Rethinking about how I take in information. YouTube, advertising, social media, and T.V

Is propaganda evil? Some people can’t handle the truth. Some people like this feeling of ignorance because ignorance makes sense. Ignorance makes clear good guys and bad guys and for some people it is a much better world then the scary, chaotic, world we really live in. Let other people who want to think about that awful stuff deal with it. I’ll be a good puppet.

It’s why women won’t admit it but somewhere inside at some part of your life you wished you could have lived the simple life of a house wife. Sure it is boring but if you picked the right man to lead you it would be a safe, reliable…home. Yes women have more rights but they also have more responsibilities. They now are expected to take on the burden of thinking for the group. Well let’s hope they feel that way because there are those people who want to want to make a difference and the people who like power for power’s sake. Power monsters are people masquerading as your ally but really are only looking out for their own and will exclude anyone else they deem. “Other”.

Let me explain about identification of any one ideology is not inherently evil but when you define yourself my one sole identifier your making and handing over your own puppet stings to someone else. There is not one person who fully and completely represents an ideology. Each of us are first and foremost are ourselves. 

Propaganda isn’t the root of all evil, ego is the real enemy. We have not evolved our brain enough to comprehend every person we meet as an individual so in order try to understand are complex environment we group people by size, sex, age, religion, nationality. We start identifying with some of these groups and thus traditions are passed on while others excluded. We can not yet fully think of each and every one of us as human. But I believe that day will come. It will be the day that we truly accept one another, lay down our arms, and embrace one another. In fact I think that day will come sooner than expected in large part for the same reason you can read these words.

The Internet will set us free if we let it which is why out of all the horrific and life altering events of our time, net neutrality is the single most important issue of our time. The voice of the many can become the voice of one if we can talk to each other. In the past physical distances bred disconnection from one another but now we can finally embrace. I will embrace you bothers and sisters, I only hope you will do return the embrace. Stop being lead by fear. Hope feels so much better and is a much more powerful motivator. Happy new year everyone.

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At my very core I am a student. At the present moment I am literally a student as I am attending graduate school to earn my PhD in organic chemistry. In second grade I got diagnosed with a learning disability and junior year of high school I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I’m a Californian and I love it here.

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