Why political parties need to be critical of themselves

This is a message to both Democrats and Republicans. Both parties share in these faults but generally can only see the faults from the other side. Both sides need to realize that there views are being shaped by extremists. A rational person will understand that nothing is as black and white as the parties want you to believe. Here I will outline what some of the ways political parties control you and give solutions to combating their propaganda.

1. Politicians are not people 

We have to remember that a politicians job in today’s society is not to have opinions of their own but options which are popular to their political ideology. However, we can not blame the politicians for this mentality. We are the ones who elect these people to be representatives for us. The most popular politicians are therefore the representatives who embody the most popular viewpoints of a group. When a politician votes he votes in order to please as many of his constituents as possible so to increase his chances of being re-elected. The politicians who fails to deliver their constituents wishes and instead follows his own moral code will be removed from the political system by the people. In this way politicians are only as human to us as a vote on paper is. We must stop viewing our politicians as individuals and instead see them as ideas. Whichever politician embodies your views the best should get your vote. Do not let your personal options of the man or women obscure your judgment. Both parties deploy smear campaigns so to avoid their influences we must be ever vigilant of these distractions.

2. We need to start being accepting of others options

Both sides like to think the other side is stupid or ignorant but maybe both sides could learn a thing or two from each other. Maybe misinformation in both political parties divides us so far away from one another that we can no longer consider the other side on any topic.

3. We need to be OK with being wrong sometimes 

You see this most strikingly in debates. Politicians refuse to admit they are wrong until all the evidence is stacked agent them and still some refuse to admit their mistakes. We must reward honesty to avoid creating the robotic Politicians of today.

4. Ideas can be a form of control 

Both parties spread propaganda in order for you to continue to believe in their ideology. This is not a one party problem. Both groups have some startling misconceptions that propagate throughout the party because it helps solidify their views.

5. Free thinking is obscured by political party mindsets

The us vs them mentality has been around since the dawn of man and it is one of our most important flaws to be aware of. This mentality only leads to war and death. The us vs them mentality is fueled by hate. Make sure your options are really based in reality and fact and not by blind rage. This brings me to my next point.

6. Hate can be a form of control 

When we are angry our reason dissipates. We again become sheep for the shepherd. We must be able to recognize when we are being driven by hate and remember to be always critical of both sides of any story. Political parties isolate us from that other side.

7. T.V media is not helping 

Whether you like it or not T.V can be a form of brain control. Many people like to turn off their brain and just watch some T.V. While this type of mentality is normal it does not mean it is good for us. In these states we become susceptible to outside influences. Without critical thinking we are only sheep and the shepherds do not always have our best interests at heart. Always be critical of any information and try not to connect your identity to any one mindset.

The solution: Start listening to the other side with an open mind 

Both sides love to find the stupid people on the opposing side and make them out to be the leader of the group. Yes both sides have useless individuals but both sides also have really informative people too. Unfortunately on both sides it seems that the stupid ones are always the loudest. With an open mind start watching videos that you would have never clicked on before. Start questioning everything. There is no right or wrong, good or evil. There is only truth and lies. Which one are you listening too?

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